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We Offer Several Discounted Packages to Suit Your Every Wellness Need
The Perfect Fit
Athletic Woman With Kettlebells
30% OFF!

Take advantage of a 30-min Assisted Stretching session, combined with 45-mins Massage of your choice, and 15-min Dry Cupping - topped off with the following additional therapies:

  • Electro Muscle Stimulation Therapy

  • Hydrotherapy - Hot Pack

  • K-Taping


Good for 30 Days



Reg Price $295

Stretching My Budget
Buy 1 Sessions 
Get a 2nd Session 50% OFF!

Indulge in a holistic experience where Assisted Stretching and IASTMInstrument-assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization are integrated to provide maximum release of myofascial restrictions; therefore, aiding in the reduction of inflammation, increased circulation, and enhanced tissue repair. 


Good for 60 Days



Reg Price $155/ea

Save $30 on Your 1 Paid Session

Save $77 on Your 50% OFF Session

Massage & Cupping Combo
Buy 2 Sessions 
Get 1 FREE!

​Enjoy a 40-min massage session of your choice, combined with 20-mins Dry Cupping.


Good for 90 Days



Reg Price $155/ea

Save $60 on Your 2 Paid Sessions

Save $155 on Your FREE Session

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